Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Prepare for a Catastrophe

Pack a survival kit that includes:

  • Water in non-breakable containers
  • A first-aid kit
  • Any necessary prescriptons medicines
  • Portable radio and flashlight with fresh batteries
  • A portable cooking device
  • Extra clothing
  • Blankes
  • A tool kit, includeing heavy work gloves and nails
  • Insurance Policy information

What do I do after a catastrophe occurs?

  • Protect your propertyy from further damage, emergency repairs.

What if my home is uninhabitable?

  • Payment for expenses that are beyond your normal living expenses my be available
  • Find temporary housing for your family
  • Keep all receipts associated with temporary housing, meals and other miscellaneous expenses

What can I do to speed up my claim?

  • The inventory should be room-to-room from ceiling to floor, giving a complete description of the damaged property
  • The description should include brand names, model number, age, purchage price, and place of purchase
  • For your futur protection, it wold be a good idea to make a detailed inventory of all your personal belongings. A photogenic record of items is helpful.